eBay Messages has always been difficult to use, so we decided we would create a better way to respond to your eBay Messages.

We started selling on eBay ourselves back in the early 2000’s and from early on we were never much of a fan of the ‘My Messages’ tool in eBay. And in the last 15 or so years it looks like nothing much changed. In the modern internet world, messaging looks different these days. Messaging and email apps are easier to use, faster and contain more helpful information.

So with that, we decided to write a eBay ‘My Messages’ replacement app that integrates with with your eBay account (for 100% reliability) and provides sellers with a modern and helpful interface.

What are some of the features?

  • View eBay Messages from buyers and from eBay
  • Answer buyer eBay Messages in a conversation style format
  • Complete support for image viewing and attachment
  • View relevant customer purchase history details in right column
  • Product image and link provided in conversation ( for email context)
  • All messages kept in sync with eBay ‘My Messages’

Our eBay Messages app is free to use, and connection to your eBay account only takes a few seconds.

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