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eBay Sales Data Grid

How to export eBay sales data

Exporting your eBay sales data is easy with SellerDash. We always recommend exporting data so you have a record of it, and based on the country you live in it …

Beta Progress

Hi there! SellerDash has been in Beta for a few months now and we have been working hard on the app. Lots of improvements have been made to eBay Messages …

About SellerDash

About Us

What is SellerDash?

SellerDash is a tool developed to help eBay sellers maximise their profitability and performance. It has been built by 2 experienced retailers with over 32 years combined ecommerce experience with much of this time spent using eBay. We have always built tools and technology to improve efficiency and profitability.

SellerDash is a suite of eBay seller tools, with detailed data from Sales, Listings, Traffic, Customers, Feedback, Fees and more.

We also wrote an eBay Messages tool from scratch, giving you the ability to read and respond to eBay Messages reliably in a more modern and convenient way.

With this eBay integration for SellerDash we are trying to give sellers the best insights into the eBay business as possible with more data than eBay provides in the eBay dashboard, and more ways to slice and dice the data to make decisions.

We hope SellerDash for eBay will become the go-to app and CRM tool for eBay marketplace sellers.

Being successful at ecommerce requires effort, skill and perseverance. With tools like SellerDash this all becomes much easier. You get more insights to make faster decisions and manage your online business more effectively. So try SellerDash and get a competitive advantage.